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Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit

Looking for a way to stay in shape without having to go to the gym? The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit…


Customize your home gym strength training and cardio workouts with the Bionic Body BBDA-010 Door Anchor by Kim Lyons. Ideal…

Gold’s Gym WGGCORE16 AbFirm Pro Fitness Swivel Seat

    Get the abs you've always wanted with the revolutionary AbFirm Pro core training system from Gold's Gym. Designed to deliver…

    Power Tubes

    Important Note: GoFit Power Tubes require GoFit Power Handles for use (pair sold separately). Get effective strength training at home or…

    Power Handles

    GoFit Power Handles are sold as a pair. They come complete with a compact training manual for use with GoFit…

    Power Tubes w/ Handles

    Includes: One Power Tube. Combine Power Tubes with the GoFit Power Tube/Band Power Handles that includes a compact training manual…

    Door Anchor for Tubes and Resistance Bands

    The GoFit Door anchor is made of heavy duty, premium components. Its firm interior “Stopper” is contained within thick and…

    Ankle Strap

    The GoFit Ankle Strap's quick-adjust closure fits all sizes and the thick neoprene padding adds form fitting comfort. The industrial…

    Weighted Jump Rope

    Add another dimension to your training by using the GoFit Weighted Jump Rope. When working out with this rope, the…

    Heavy Jump Rope

    The GoFit Heavy Jump Rope Workout is an all-out cardio-blasting, fat-shredding workout. The 1.5 LB jump rope increases cardio resistance,…

    Speed Jump Rope

    The GoFit Speed Rope is an excellent way to utilize one of the most efficient methods of cardio training.The 9…

    Weighted Vest- 20 LBS

    The GoFit Weighted Vests are perfect for adding resistance to a workout. The GoFit 20 LB Vest is perfect to…

    Weighted Vest- 10 LBS

    The GoFit Weighted Vests are perfect for adding resistance to a workout. The GoFit 10LB Walking Vest is perfect for…

    Stainless Steel Scale

    Stay on track with the GoFit Stainless Steel Scale. This digital scale features a high precision strain gauge sensor and…

    Fitness Hoop

    The GoFIt Fitness Hoop is an exciting fitness tool that achieves superior results for any workout or weight loss goal.…

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