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Recovery & Massage

IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun

    Move better and recover faster with this 4-speed, controllable percussion massage gun that helps increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue,…

    CHARGE Vibe

      The TriggerPoint CHARGE Vibe Vibrating Massage Roller helps to reduce the sensation of pain and provides quicker muscle recovery. Its…

      MB Vibe Massage Ball

        The TriggerPoint MB Vibe delivers the all the benefits of vibration rolling. Featuring a spherical design for multi-directional rolling, the…

        GRID VIBE Plus

          The GRID VIBE Plus vibrating foam roller helps provide pain relief, increased relaxation, and faster recovery. Its cordless, rechargeable design…

          Gel Hand Grip

            The GoFit Gel Hand Grip ergonomically fits in your palm and centers your grip pressure into squeezable gel. The ultra-soft-touch…

            HAND GRIP PUTTY

              Ideal for increasing grip strength, relieving stress and providing hand rehab therapy, the GoFit Hand Grip Putty is portable and…

              Bionic Body Massage Ball | BBMB-1010

                Recover from even the toughest strength training and cardio workouts with the Recovery Ball Massage Ball by Bionic Body. Specifically…

                GRIP ROLLER MASSAGE

                  Massages and energizes your body while relieving fatigued muscles Helps release muscle tension in the neck, arms, back and legs…

                  HAND GRIP BALL

                    Provides resistance exercise for hands, wrist, fingers and forearms. Helps rehabilitation and improves mobility, reduces stress. Prevents stiffness. Increases flexibility.…

                    5″ MASSAGE BALL

                      GoFit’s Massage Ball reaches deep muscle tissue—targeting knots and trigger points to relieve pain and soreness. Made of dense lightweight…

                      GO BALL

                        The GoFit GoBall gives targeted pain-relief to your sore muscles. Part of GoFit’s Muscle Pain Management system, the GoBall relieves…

                        ROLL ON MASSAGER

                          Massage away deep muscle pain. Roll out sore trigger points. The ultra portable, GoFit Roll-On Massager is ideal for reaching…

                          FOOT/HAND RECOVERY MASSAGE

                            Roll out relief for your sore feet and hands with the GoFit Foot and Hand Recovery Massage Roller. Soothe the…

                            DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE ROLLER

                              The new, GoFit Pro Deep Tissue Massage Roller features acupressure therapy nodules made of dense, closed cell foam. Like massaging…

                              TRHERAPUTIC MASSAGE BAR

                                Ease your way through post-workout recovery with this GoFit massage bar. Its ergonomic handles provide a comfortable and secure grip…

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